December 11, 2013

8 Reasons To Call Citrus Solutions Carpet Cleaning For Your South Metro Denver Home

1. You’re tired of having soaking wet, smelly carpets hours, even days after your professional cleaning. Is that truly a sign of good carpet cleaning? Is that truly good for your carpeting? No, we don’t think so either. Without chemicals and with a cleaning process derived from citrus peels, we don’t need the water most cleaning companies do. Which means we cut drying time way back – 1 to 3 hours max!

2. You’re tired of spots that keep coming back days after a professional cleaning. Just show us where they are, and we’ll handle the rest. Naturally.

3. The last time you had your carpets professionally cleaned, you wondered why. They looked better before. Yes, that’s the reality of some of these companies that use harsh chemicals. Once applied to your carpeting, they can do all kinds of things to the appearance. You’ll never have that with a natural base of citrus.

4. You have an extra sensitive person in your house. Do you have a elderly person with chronic illness? Do you have a brand new baby with a sensitive immune system? Maybe you have suffered with asthma your entire life. Chemicals add into the problem. Natural based citrus cleaner won’t.

5. You have a pet. You love them. You probably feed them high quality food, and even focus in on the best treats available. What happens when he lays on, plays on, and rubs around on chemically treated carpeting all day? Yes, natural is the only way to go to keep your well loved pets safe and healthy.

6. You’re trying to live in an eco-friendly way. Have you focused in on doing things in a greener way? Buying a energy efficient water heater? Using less water? What about the chemicals you release into the air? Citrus is natural; which means you’ll be doing your home and the environment a favor.

7. Are you tired of being quoted one price, only to find your final bill sky high? We quote you one price from the beginning, no price changes or hidden fees.

8. Are you tired of the small print? You know, that tiny stuff you can’t even read with a magnifying glass? Us too. Which is why we don’t have any. What you see is what you get with us. Have a question? Just ask. We’ll give you an honest answer up front.

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