March 8, 2015

Cleaning Delicate Carpets May Need A Different Approach

Commercial carpets are meant to be strong. They take a lot of wear and abuse every single day.

But in your home, your carpeting doesn’t get the same level of foot traffic. And in some areas of your home, you may even have carpeting that’s more delicate in nature. One of a kind or antique rugs, or even delicate carpeting made out of natural materials don’t wear and handle the same way as carpeting meant for high traffic areas. Which is also why you can’t treat them like you would with any other carpeting.

Keeping them as clean as possible is the key to longevity. Start by ensuring visitors take off their shoes before walking on it. Then vacuum on a regular basis to ensure dirt, dust and debris doesn’t settle into the fibers.

But even with these extra precautions, they still will need cleaning on a regular basis. Yet not every carpet cleaning company is meant to clean this special type of carpeting. High temperature cleaning machinery can easily impact fragile and antique carpeting by causing colors to dull and patterns to fade. And if you have carpeting that has been glued to the floor, hot water can actually penetrate to the glue, causing it to come apart and begin to dissolve.

What should you do instead?

Never use high heat, boiling water carpet cleaning companies. Their philosophy is the more water, the hotter the water, the more dirt will come out. However with delicate carpeting, hot water may do more harm than good.

Low moisture is best. When gallon upon gallon of water is used in the cleaning process, stress is put onto each fiber. Less water is more in the case of delicate carpeting – focus in on using a low moisture system made with natural cleaners instead.

Go with experienced carpet cleaners. Before you hire anyone, talk to the consultant about your carpeting. Have they worked with something similar before? How will they test the carpeting to ensure their method is safe for your carpeting and can give you great final results? What guarantees do they offer? Harsh chemical cleaners will only reduce the life of your rugs and carpets; an experienced carpet cleaner will be able to offer solutions and information on how to do it the right way every time.

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Myths About Carpeting and Allergies

If you would like some soft, lush carpeting in your home, but you hesitate because you worry about the carpet triggering your allergies, stop hesitating!

There are many myths surrounding carpeting and allergies. Knowing the truth will help you decide whether carpet is the best flooring choice for your home.

  • Carpeting diminishes air quality inside your home – The truth is that carpeting can actually improve the air quality in your home. Dust and other allergens that come into your home will settle into the carpeting. As long as you vacuum and professionally clean your carpets regularly, you can keep those allergens at a minimum. With hard floors, those same allergens will be stirred around with every step, putting them back into the air – and into your lungs.
  • VOCs in carpets lead to allergic reactions – While this may have been true years ago, today’s manufacturers use the least amount of VOCs in carpeting to ensure the health of consumers. Pay attention to the labels, choose the carpeting with low VOC levels, and you should be good to go.
  • Carpet cleaning solutions can irritate allergies – Some cleaning solutions can trigger allergies, but this applies to the harsh chemical cleaners; as long as you hire a professional that uses a natural cleaning process, you will not have to worry about an allergy attack.

Those three myths are the primary myths surrounding carpeting and allergies. The best thing you can do to prevent an allergy attack is to maintain your carpet. Regular vacuuming, as well as professional cleaning, will remove the dust and allergens from your carpeting. This will keep it clean and fresh – an asset to your home, instead of an allergy trigger. There is no reason why someone with allergies cannot enjoy the beauty and comfort that carpeting can bring to a home!

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How to Keep Your Carpets Clean This Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably anticipating lots of time spent with family and friends. It’s the perfect time of year for happiness, cheer, and plenty of food and drinks. But what’s not so perfect is a dirty carpet! And with the company you’re expecting, there are bound to be some spills and stains happening.

It’s tough to keep your house looking great when there is company during the holidays. Luckily, there are some ways to keep your carpet cleaner for a longer amount of time while you have holiday parties and gatherings.

Carefully plan your holiday menu. You want to avoid as many spills as possible in order to protect your carpet, so be sure to serve appetizers such as tapas, finger foods, and hors d’oeuvres that can easily be eaten in one bite. Also serve wine in seamless glasses to prevent them from tipping over on your carpet.

Request that your guests take their shoes off. This is especially important if you have guests over during inclement weather that involves slush and snow. If your guests are family, they can definitely bring their own slippers.

Know what your carpet is made of. Different carpet materials need different types of care. Wool fibers are different than synthetic. And depending on what your carpet is made of determines how a stain will react. Keep in mind that natural fibers absorb more moisture than man-made fibers, which means that the carpet will take longer to dry.

Act quickly if a stain occurs. The most importantly thing to remember is to tend to the stain as soon as you can. If you take immediate action, most stains can be eliminated. While no carpet is completely stain-proof, the longer you wait, the worse the damage will be.

Use the blot and treat method. Be sure to quickly absorb the spill with a dry, white cloth. Blot the stain until it is barely damp, but do not scrub the stain. Next, treat the stain with a good carpet cleaner or baking soda. Be sure to pre-test the cleaner on a hidden area of the carpet first.

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How Toxic Are Your Carpets?

When you walk across your carpeting or sit on the floor to play with your children, you do not think about the possible toxicity of your carpeting. After all, you vacuum it on a regular basis and have it steam cleaned several times each year.

Your carpeting looks clean and smells clean, so it must be clean, right?

The truth is that your carpeting may look and smell clean – and it probably is clean – but that does not mean that it is safe. Carpeting actually contains many toxins that are potentially harmful to you and your family.

Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, are found in various types of products, the most common being paint. You have probably heard of VOCs, and you take care every time you purchase paint to make sure and buy paint that is low in VOCs.

However, VOCs are also found in carpeting. That new carpet smell that you enjoy so much – that comes from the toxic VOCs in your carpeting.

Carpeting contains many VOCs, including acetone, benzene, and even formaldehyde. The various VOCs provide a particular function, such as helping your carpet be stain-resistant or flame-retardant. However, these VOCs can wreak havoc on your health and the health of your family.

Older carpets are just as toxic as new carpets because they may contain VOCs that have since been banned. Older carpeting also contains a higher level of dust mites and other allergens simply because of its age. Even thorough vacuuming is not capable of removing years and years of accumulation of dust mites and allergens from your carpeting.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remove all of your carpeting in order to keep your family healthy. If you’re investing in new carpets, talk with your reputable carpet dealer about laying carpets with low VOCs, and carpeting that is eco-friendly. They will be able to make suggestions on the best carpets for you.

For carpeting already installed that you aren’t ready to change, invest in a high quality HEPA vacuum to help remove the dust mites, allergens, and VOCs from your carpeting.

Have your carpets cleaned on a regular schedule, and avoid wearing shoes on the carpeting. Don’t rely on a carpet cleaner that introduces more harmful chemicals into your home; instead, ask about natural carpet care, and make sure they use natural products that won’t further damage your family’s health.

Every little effort you make to protect your family will help keep them safe.

For Natural Carpet Cleaning in Highlands Ranch – Contact CitruSolution today

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7 Ways To Find The Best Carpet Cleaning Company In Highlands Ranch

How did you choose the last company that cleaned your carpets? Did you see a truck outside of your neighbors home and call the phone number on the truck? Did you use one of those coupons in the envelope that makes your way into your home every month?

While it may be fairly easy finding a carpet cleaning company that will come to your home in Highlands Ranch, knowing if you can trust them is another story.

1. Are they a reputable company?

Just like many other businesses, a carpet cleaning company can simply be a guy and his truck. Before you jump at an offer, make sure you do a little research. Do they have a website? Are they on social media sites – do they blog regularly? Do they have credentials? Are they a part of the community? Don’t just take an offer because it’s a low price; do your research and make sure you like what you see about the company.

2. What experience do they have?

Anyone with experience in carpet cleaning should be able to answer basic questions and provide you with answers to your questions. If they stumble around, question their ability. Ask how long they’ve been in the business and what their experience level is. Are you comfortable working with them?

3. How clean will they get your carpets?

This sounds like an obvious answer, but it isn’t always so. What will they do for pre-existing spots and stains? How often do they recommend cleaning your carpets again? While some companies may upsell, others simply won’t do a good job; meaning you’ll be back more often to work on those spots that should have come clean the first time around.

4. What price will you pay for those clean carpets?

No, I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about your health. Go back a couple of decades, and carpet cleaners could add just about anything into their “solutions” and “shampoos” to get your carpets clean. Now we know there is an impact on you the more you are around those concoctions. When they promise “touch stain removers”, what are they really saying? Make sure you ask about the chemicals they use and do your research on the potential health hazards they present to you, your family, your kids and your pets.

5. How much dry time will you need?

Did you know different carpet cleaning companies will leave your carpets wetter than others? Do you really have hours – even days before you can walk on your carpets again? And what is that water and wettness doing to your carpets, padding, and even floor boards? Carpets aren’t meant to sustain wetness for extended periods of time. Ask about dry time first before you settle on a company. It could affect the longevity of your carpeting.

6. What’s the process?

Ask about the process from beginning to end. The more you ask, the more you’ll learn before you sign on the dotted line. Understand who will move the furniture, what types of chemicals will be used, how much noise the truck will make, even how long the process will take. Who will be the person in your home doing the cleaning, and at what point can they request additional payment? Be prepared before you have anyone enter your home.

7. Price, price, price

As with many different services you bring into your home, it eventually comes down to price. But don’t let those low numbers make you jump at the wrong company. Many carpet cleaning companies offer low prices to get in the door. They promise you one amount, and charge another once they see the size of your room, or see the dirt and stains that exist. Always make sure the price you see is the price you’ll pay.

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Why Highlands Ranch Homeowners Choose Natural Carpet Cleaning?

If you are searching for a carpet cleaning company here in Highlands Ranch Colorado, you have a lot of choices. Simply opening up one of the many coupon envelopes you receive in the mail each month will put a dozen or more at your fingertips. How do you choose? Who do you trust?

Natural Carpet Cleaning

Chances are when you bring something in to your home, you think twice about its impact. We’ve eliminated harmful plastics from our water bottles and food dishes – who wants BPA? We’re questioning harmful chemicals in the soaps we use every day for our dishes and washing our hands – is anti-bacterial really a good choice? With so much to think about and so many choices to make, its only natural that we would eventually start questioning something like our carpet cleaning service as well.

With a natural carpet cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your floors – and eventually into your air. Studies continually find that the air in our homes is many times more dangerous than the air outside. After all, we trap it in the winter with heat, and in the summer with air conditioning. With most of the environment sealed off from the outside, its no wonder harmful chemicals can stay put for a long time.

Natural carpet cleaning means no harmful chemicals. Natural carpet cleaning means no harmful soaps, detergents or solvents. Instead, it means relying on things commonly found in nature – like citrus! Citrus has always been a fantastic cleaner, which means its also the perfect solution for your carpets too.

Pet Friendly

While its easy to know why we want safe products in our home, its also easy to overlook the details. As an adult, the carpet is a long way below our train of thoughts. But to a pet – a small dog or cat – they are literally a few inches away from the carpet 24 hours of the day. They walk on it, sleep on it, roll on it, even bring their treats on it and eat from the very thing that may be harming them the most.

Kid Friendly

And depending on the ages of your children, life for them is always down on the floor. They lay on it to do their homework or play a game. They wrestle on it. They have slumber parties on it with their friends.

While its easy to say “carpet cleaning, once its dry its okay”, the question comes back “is it really?”

The chemicals are still there hiding in the fibers.

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Keeping Carpets Clean and Kids Healthy Without Dangerous Chemicals

Carpeting in your home is an easy and affordable way to keep your family comfortable. Carpet is soft under your feet, and it makes a great place to stretch out on the floor.

However, carpeting can quickly become home to dust, dirt, mold, and other allergens, which can be harmful to the health of your family. The use of possibly dangerous chemicals on your carpet to clean it only poses another health risk to your family.

Here are some tips to keep your carpet clean and your kids healthy without dangerous chemicals.
Keep Carpets Clean and Kids Healthy Without Dangerous Chemicals
Keep your carpet clean from the start. Use welcome mats to catch any loose dirt before it reaches your carpet. Have everyone take off his or her shoes before walking on the carpet. Vacuum your carpet at least a few times a week to remove any surface dirt. Clean up stains as soon as they happen.

Remember, the more chemicals you use on your carpets, the more they will affect your family. Stay simple and natural. We’ll leave a bottle of our citrus spot remover solution after every cleaning. Use it in between cleanings for keeping little stains at bay.

When professionally cleaning your carpet (a process that should take place at least twice a year to remove dirt, dust and allergens trapped in the carpet fibers), use only a natural solution. You use natural citrus in your other cleaning products, why not trust it for your carpets as well?

A natural solution is ideal for removing old residue from shampoos and other carpet cleaners that may still be residing deep in the fibers.  And it’s designed to give you a clean you not only will see, but will smell as well. No chemical smell that brings tears to your eyes.

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How To Clean Most Party Stains From Your Carpet

Who doesn’t enjoy a good party?  Good food, good company, good entertainment, everyone looking and feeling their best.  Really, what’s not to like?  And its definitely the season for parties here in Colorado. Graduations will soon be occurring up and down the Front Range, with weddings and summertime fun close behind. And while it may seem like a great time to get outdoors and entertain from the outside, it also means more people will be going in and out, bring the outside in. And onto your carpets.

So, as your guests file out one by one and you are left surveying the damage to what several hours ago was a clean home, what on earth do you do?  As you start collecting the trash, dishes, and mislaid items, you will likely notice your flooring did not escape unscathed.  Follow these simple steps to help restore your carpet to its pre-party condition.

Start early - The sooner you get to a stain, the less likely it is to set in and be a major hassle.  After a party, it is important to assess and deal with carpet stains as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the stain will leave a lasting impression.

Know your enemy - Do your best to identify the source of the stain.  If you know what caused it, you will be better prepared to properly deal with it.

Begin with a blot - If your stain is wet at all, begin by using a clean rag to blot the area.  Do not rub at this point as that will only spread the stain.

Use your secret weapon - One of the best solutions for carpet stains is natural spot solution – we leave a bottle after every cleaning.

Vacuum - Be sure to thoroughly vacuum the area after you have finished.  This will help prevent dirt particles from attaching to the area as it dries.

Have any stubborn stains that simply won’t go away? Maybe its time for a thorough cleaning. Regular carpet cleanings is the best way to help maintain your carpets and keep them looking new.

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Celebrating Earth Day 2013 and Colorado Carpet Cleaning

How will you celebrate Earth Day in 2013 – The Face Of Climate Change?

The very first Earth Day was 43 years ago, April 22, 1970. On that day, a US Senator from Wisconsin decided he had to do something after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. He was inspired by the student anti-war movement, and realized if he could infuse the same energy into public consciousness about air and water pollution, people would begin taking action to help Mother Earth.

On that day, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks and auditoriums to demonstrate for a health, sustainable environment. This one act led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts.

The rest, as they say, is history. And we’ve been celebrating Earth Day ever since.

Here at CitruSolutions, specializing in Highlands Ranch carpet cleaning, we take the concept of natural carpet cleaning seriously. Harsh chemicals are harmful to you, to your kids and pets, and ultimately to the environment as well. Do you really want your kids playing on the floor next to known carcenogenic chemicals, or your dog enjoying a bone next to a recently cleaned (and chemicalized) carpet?

Don’t just ask about cost the next time you hire a professional carpet cleaner; ask how safe it is for your home environment.

Here are some things to think about before you clean:

Spot cleaners have some of the worst and most toxic chemicals on the market. Never use products that contain highly dangerous ingredients such as hydrofluoric acid (rust remover) or tetrachloroethylene (type 4 spot remover).

Many carpet shampoos and maintenance cleaners use toxic ingredients that pose great risk through inhalation and/or skin contact. Avoid isopropanal, butoxyethanol or ethanolamine, all of which can do damage to you inside and out.

Some professionals use chemicals and an extraction process. These are hazardous ingredients, and include acid rinses like hydroxyacetic acid, and solvents like butoxyethanol.

Mildewcides and disinfectants contain products like tributyl tin, formaldehyde and others are all highly toxic to humans. And in some cases – like tributyl tin – are even banned from use from certain areas (San Francisco) because of their potentially harmful impact to both humans and the environment.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

If you are the proud owner of man’s best friend, you already know that your dog may be your best friend – but he is not your carpet’s best friend. Everything from dog fur to accidents can quickly wreak havoc on your carpet. Knowing how to clean and maintain your carpet while owning a dog will ensure that your carpet stays beautiful.

The first thing you must do is vacuum your carpet. Try to vacuum at least once each day. If that is not possible, vacuum at least a few times each week. Vacuuming removes their fur, oils and dry dirt from the carpet before it can be worked into the carpet fibers.

Next, anytime your pet has an accident, clean it up as soon as possible. In the case of a solid accident, immediately remove the waste and clean the area. You can clean the area by applying spot cleaner to a towel and blotting the spot on your carpet.

In the case of liquid accidents, blot the spot with a towel using firm pressure to absorb all of the moisture. Then, apply spot cleaner to a towel and blot the area again. Professional treatment is the best way to remove urine from the carpet, padding and subflooring, but treating the area on your own will help keep the odor at bay until you can have the carpet cleaned.

The next thing you must do is utilize pet beds. Pet beds will help keep your pet’s fur, oils, dander, and dirt confined to their bed, rather than to your carpeting.

Finally, remember to have your carpets cleaned by professionals at least a few times a year. Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary tools and equipment to remove pet stains and odor from deep within the fibers and padding of your carpet, as well as removing the odors from the subflooring. Specializing in Highlands Ranch carpet cleaning, Citrus Solutions is your natural choice.

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