March 8, 2015

Removing Baby Stains from Carpets

There’s no denying that babies are adorable. But it’s not so cute when they make a mess during feeding times!

Baby food and formula can wreak havoc on your carpets, especially when you fail to clean them right away. Luckily, there are ways to get out baby stains out of carpet using the following simple steps:

Blot the baby food or formula stain. Get all excess liquids and/or solids off of the carpet. Blot the stain quickly, and avoid rubbing the stain. Use a damp cloth to blot as much of the stain out as you can.

Dilute if necessary. You can rinse the carpet to dilute the baby stain before it has a chance to set in. The best way to do this is to pour cold water directly on the stain. Then, blot with a cloth immediately after diluting. Repeat this method a few times if necessary.

Clean the stain. You can do this a few different ways. If you used our services before, use out CitruSolution spot solution directly on the stain. Baking soda is another item you can use to effectively clean your carpets. Make a paste of baking soda and water and put the paste directly on the stain. Let it dry, and then vacuum up the paste. Or, you can sponge the soiled carpet area with a mix of one tablespoon dishwashing detergent and two cups cold water.

The trick is to clean the affected area of the carpet as soon as possible so that the baby stain will not have time to set.

The above methods work to remove baby formula and baby food stains from wool carpet and synthetic carpet, as well as silk, wool, rayon, and acetate burlap.

Be sure to point out the stain the next time we visit for our regular carpet cleaning, and we’ll make sure its thoroughly cleaned with a little extra care.

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The Importance Of Keeping Daycare Carpets Clean

If you have kids, you know how important it is to keep them safe and healthy. You try to make sure everything in you home is as clean as possible. But what happens when they are dropped off at daycare?

With so many kids coming in and out of your center every day, it is vital that you keep your rooms’ carpeting clean and sanitary. Babies lie on it. Toddlers crawl on it. Preschoolers do just about everything on it. It’s the perfect place for germs and bacteria to hide. And ultimately impact everyone’s health, yours included.


Carpeting is a bonus when kids are playing. It can soften the falls and support new walkers as they practice their steps. But carpeting is also a sponge for everything that transfers illness from one person to the next. A toddler sneezes. A child plays with a toy in the same area and picks up the germs already starting to spread. When it comes to picking up germs, vacuuming is not enough. While vacuuming helps and should be done every day, its only a stepping stone to good health.

Allergies and Asthma

In addition to germs and bacteria, carpeting is breeding grounds for dust mites, dirt and other spores that prefer to live deep within the fibers. The more they accumulate, the more readily available they are to impact kids that already have allergies or asthma.


Regular carpet cleaning is now something to think about, right? To keep your clients, your own family and your health in top shape, carpet cleaning may have moved to the top of your list of things to do. Now consider what type of carpet cleaning you will use.

With the advances in carpet cleaning methods also came an advancement in use of chemicals. When people asked for things to be cleaner, and to remove spots easier, people went into the lab and developed chemicals that could do the job at any cost.

But if you can’t even pronounce the words, do you really want babies lying on it, or toddlers to be placing things in their mouths that were exposed to it?

When it comes to children, safety matters. And that means in your carpet cleaning too. Natural carpet cleaning is the only safe method that will get your carpets clean, and preserve the health of you, your family and your clients too.

Give us a call today.

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Make Sure Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Dangerous For Your Kids

If you have carpeting in your home, you know how important it is to properly maintain the carpeting. You want your carpeting to look good, to be clean and fresh at all times. You probably already do all that you can to ensure your carpet always looks its best.

You vacuum regularly, clean spills immediately, and try to avoid tracking dirt and grime into your home by using rugs. However, no matter how much maintenance you do, there comes a time when every home’s carpet needs professionally cleaned.

When having your carpet cleaned, make sure that the cleaning process does not pose a risk for your kids.

Many carpet cleaning professionals use a variety of potentially toxic chemicals when cleaning your carpet. These chemicals may do a fine job of removing dirt and grime from your carpeting – but they can also become trapped in the fibers of your carpeting.

The last thing you want is for your children to be exposed to toxic chemicals and fumes while playing on a freshly cleaned carpet. To avoid this problem, you need to ensure that your carpet cleaning professional uses environmentally friendly cleaners.

Just because a professional claims to use a “green” cleaning process does not make it true. Do your research when choosing a carpet cleaner to ensure that they do use only “green” products.

Ask pertinent questions before you hire a carpet cleaner. Find out exactly which products they use for cleaning, then research the products to make sure they are non-toxic. Discuss the cleaning process thoroughly. Do not be afraid to ask for references before hiring a carpet cleaner – then, check those references.

You can never be too cautious when it comes to the health and safety of your little ones.

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How To Remove Kool Aid Stains From Carpets

Red. Blue. Green. Purple.

You’re kids love the choices and the flavors, especially on a warm day.How To Remove Kool Aid Stains From Carpets

But what happens when their beautiful colored Kook Aid drink goes from pitcher, to glass, to carpets?

And what if they don’t tell you and the stain “hides” for a few days before you find it?

Yes, Kool Aid stains and carpets don’t mix. But if you have one in your home, there are ways to make it go away.

Did you find the stain soon after it occurred? Its always easier to remove a stain if its fresh. Start by gently blotting the stain with a dry white towel. Never rub the KoolAid stain as that can spread the problem and actually make it more difficult to remove the stain entirely. It could also lead to saturation deep down into the fibers, the carpet backing, and the padding.

Once you get the liquid removed, now its time to work on the stain. Sometimes simplicity is best. Get a clean empty spray bottle and fill it with ¼ cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp of Dawn dish soap, and fill it with water. Spray the area liberally with the mixture and let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Then blot the stain with a clean, dry white towel until the stain is removed.

Have a stubborn stain? Try a variation of the vinegar cleaning method with our own CitruSolution spot remover, designed to remove stubborn stains in between your carpet cleaning visits.

Remember to never completely saturate the carpet. You’ll have a greater chance of the stain spreading, and damage being done to the carpet fibers and the padding itself. Let each cleaning method sit for a short time frame and soak in to do its job.

When you schedule your next cleaning, be sure to mention the stain and market it so it can receive special handling if necessary.

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Top Concern For Cleaning Your Carpets? Child Safety Of Course

Top Concern For Cleaning Your Carpets? Child Safety Of Course

Remember when you moved into your new home? Your light carpets were your dream. Light, creamy color. Thick texture. You loved kicking your heels off and walking around.

Then things changed. You added a husband, and now a baby. Though you still love your carpet, things have changed.

Once upon a time, the only thing you had to worry about was the red wine stain in the family room, and the fire engine red fingernail polish stain in the bedroom.

But ever since your little one arrived, you’ve noticed things popping up all over the place. You’ve tried vacuuming more than once a week. But its still looking anything but bright and clean.

Carpet is still one of the best choices in flooring when you have small children. After all, they are on the floor all day with their head and face inches above the fibers. When they fall, its soft. When they roll over, they keep rolling without noticing. You can’t do that with hardwoods.

Yet what about cleaning products? Do you really want to apply industrial strength carpet cleaning solutions to something your child will lay on, put their mouth and nose near, spill Cheerios on and pick them up and eat them?

If you’ve never thought about what goes on your carpets before, now is the time. Grab the bottle of cleaning fluid you used last and take a look at the ingredients. Do you know what each of those are? Can you even pronounce them? Do you know how they will effect you and your family?

Scary, isn’t it.

Maybe now is the time to stop using those chemicals and start finding solutions that are better and safer, not just for your carpets but also for your family’s health.

By using a natural carpet cleaner made from citrus (a natural cleaner and deodorizer), you’ll be comfortable placing your baby down on your carpets almost immediately after cleaning. Yes, because we don’t use the standard cleaning methods, are carpets don’t get that sticky residue, or have hours worth of dry time from overly soaked carpeting.

And by using our services, we’ll even leave a bottle of spot cleaner, perfect for any mess your little one may leave behind.

Call today – it’s a perfect time to introduce your home to a whole new kind of clean.

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Health Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

Health Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

We all like the look and feel of newly cleaned carpet.  There is something so satisfying in the patterns left by the cleaners.  And the way newly cleaned carpet feels between your toes…bliss.

But do you know all the health benefits you are bringing along with that feeling of satisfaction and cleanness?  If you seldom clean the carpets because of a chaotic home life or tight budget, here are a few extra reasons to hire a carpet cleaner more often.

Carpet cleaning releases and removes deep-set dirt.  Even if you vacuum regularly, over time, use will grind dirt particles (and other less desirables) deep into your carpet.  A good cleaning will pull these out, removing germs and similar health hazards with them.

Carpet cleaning removes dust mites.  Not only does your carpet become home to elements of the great outdoors, but your carpet can become a feeding ground for things that consume those things.  Dust mites can take up residence in your home, causing issues with allergies.

Carpet cleaning removes mold spores and other pollutants.  Again, no matter how good your vacuum is, over time, the very nature of carpet shows that it will trap unwanted guests.  These can include mold spores (especially in humid climates), pollen, dander, and the list goes on.  Carpet cleaning reaches deep and pulls these harmful home invaders from your carpet.  Removing these elements can drastically improve living conditions for individuals with asthma or allergies.

Carpet cleaning helps purge germs.  This can be especially helpful if your home has been a sick ward recently.  The carpet cleaning process helps to kill any of these little pests that found their way to your carpet, thus eliminating one more source of contamination for the rest of the household.

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Keeping Carpets Clean and Kids Healthy Without Dangerous Chemicals

Carpeting in your home is an easy and affordable way to keep your family comfortable. Carpet is soft under your feet, and it makes a great place to stretch out on the floor.

However, carpeting can quickly become home to dust, dirt, mold, and other allergens, which can be harmful to the health of your family. The use of possibly dangerous chemicals on your carpet to clean it only poses another health risk to your family.

Here are some tips to keep your carpet clean and your kids healthy without dangerous chemicals.
Keep Carpets Clean and Kids Healthy Without Dangerous Chemicals
Keep your carpet clean from the start. Use welcome mats to catch any loose dirt before it reaches your carpet. Have everyone take off his or her shoes before walking on the carpet. Vacuum your carpet at least a few times a week to remove any surface dirt. Clean up stains as soon as they happen.

Remember, the more chemicals you use on your carpets, the more they will affect your family. Stay simple and natural. We’ll leave a bottle of our citrus spot remover solution after every cleaning. Use it in between cleanings for keeping little stains at bay.

When professionally cleaning your carpet (a process that should take place at least twice a year to remove dirt, dust and allergens trapped in the carpet fibers), use only a natural solution. You use natural citrus in your other cleaning products, why not trust it for your carpets as well?

A natural solution is ideal for removing old residue from shampoos and other carpet cleaners that may still be residing deep in the fibers.  And it’s designed to give you a clean you not only will see, but will smell as well. No chemical smell that brings tears to your eyes.

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Carpet And New Babies

Adding a new baby to the family? The tasks on your to do list are probably a mile long.

  • Get the baby’s room ready
  • Choose furniture
  • Pick out bedding
  • Paint the room
  • Add decorations and toys

But what about the flooring?

Flooring is something we take for granted. We enter a home, walk from room to room, and clean it every week. But what is truly going on way down beneath your feet? While you may not have thought twice about it before, chances are you will.

Do you really want to lay your baby down on a carpet that isn’t safe? Or let her crawl, roll and play knowing full well whatever is on the floor will end up in her mouth as well?

Old carpets can be cleaned, but is really safe? And if you install a new carpet, the problems don’t disappear. New carpet pollutes the air with VOC (volatile organic compounds) like toluene and benzene … which may endanger your child’s health.

Despite the trend towards hardwoods, hardwood flooring isn’t the perfect choice for young families. Wall to wall carpet provides a comfortable, safe and warm environment as your child grows and begins to learn.

So what should you do?

Start by taking a good look at your flooring. With any old carpet, let your senses be the guide as to whether you should replace or repair.

Does your carpet have visible wear marks? Are areas threadbare and in need of repair?

Do you smell mold or mildew? Have you sustained water damage in the past?

How old is your carpet?

Replacing may be expensive, but peace of mind is everything at this time in your life.

And no matter if you have new or old carpets, the process of cleaning should always be added to your yearly calendar.

Carpets will gather dust, grime, pollutants and more no matter how well you take care of it. And the only way to make sure its really clean is to clean it regularly. Which also means you must choose the right cleaning company for the job as well.

Yes, you’ll receive many carpet cleaning coupons in the mail and in your home magazines delivered to your door. But do you really want your new baby face to face with harsh chemicals? Which is why more people are turning to natural solutions instead.

Natural carpet cleaning solutions are the perfect way to keep every inch within your baby’s reach clean and healthy – and keep your home clean and healthy as well. Schedule your routine cleaning today.

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Things To Consider Before You Use Chemicals To Clean Your Carpet

We all want clean carpet.  There is something eminently satisfying about seeing a recently vacuumed room, with the crisscross of the vacuum lines, and the toe tingling invitation to test it out.  When it comes to deep cleaned carpets, the invitation is even more alluring.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good clean carpet?

But when it comes to that alluringly “clean” carpet, are you really sure it’s clean?  It may look fresh and inviting, but what toxins are now lurking beneath that cushy cover?  When it comes to carpet cleaning, a surprising number of toxins are involved.  So, before you choose your next carpet cleaning company, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

Your children’s health is always a paramount concern to you.  In fact, your child’s health may be a contributing factor to your decision to clean your carpet.  Just be aware, that much of what is used to clean the carpets leaves a residue in the carpet and emits an odor in the air that can be harmful for these little ones.

Your pet’s health is another concern for the entire family.  After all, Fluffy is a family member too.  Just as small children can be impacted by chemicals left in the carpet, so to can animals.  Chemical residue can attach to paws and fur, which in turn can be ingested or absorbed through the skin.

Of course we all want to take care of the environment too.  Unfortunately, the harsh chemicals used in carpet cleaning are contributing to a greater pollution issue in our waterways.

Who knew that all these things could be negatively impacted simply by cleaning the carpet?  Fortunately, there are many companies today promoting a green cleaning method for carpets.  While you will want to verify these claims, legitimate green cleaning companies can provide an excellent cleaning service with all natural ingredients…good for kids, good for pets, good for the earth.  So before your go with a traditional chemical cleaning method, consider your greener alternatives. Specializing in Highlands Ranch carpet cleaning, Citrus Solutions is your natural choice.

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Kawasaki Disease And Carpet Cleaning

If you are reading this article, there is a high likelihood that you are already somewhat familiar with the argument about Kawasaki Disease and carpet cleaning.  If you were to approach a stranger on the street and ask them what Kawasaki was, their first thoughts would be of a motorcycle, not children suffering in the hospital.  So, if you are concerned about your little loved ones and their likelihood to contract Kawasaki Disease, please read on and allow your mind a little rest.

First of all, Kawasaki Disease is very rare.  In the United States, only 0.015% of children younger than five will contract Kawasaki Disease.  If you don’t do well with percentages, let’s consider the numbers in a different manner.  For every 100,000 children in the United States, only 15 of these will contract Kawasaki Disease.

Second, carpet cleaning by itself does not cause Kawasaki Disease.  If it did, the numbers we just looked at would be much greater.  Carpeting is a very common flooring option in the United States, yet only 15 children in 100,000 will contract this disease.

Third, Kawasaki Disease was first documented in Japan.  Japanese houses rarely use carpeting.  Thus, most of the children suffering from Kawasaki Disease (in Japan) had no contact with carpeting or carpet cleaning.

While scientists have not been able to establish any firm connections between carpet cleaning and Kawasaki Disease, there are several things you can do to minimize the effects of carpet cleaning on your little one.

1. Perform regular carpet maintenance.  Carpet cleaning is a deep cleaning, carpet maintenance method.  True carpet maintenance requires regular vacuuming.  Vacuuming your carpets weekly will help minimize the potential hazards waiting for your little one in the carpet.

2. Avoid child exposure to carpet cleaning or drying carpet.  Your carpet cleaning professional will not want little hands helping.  Keep your children clear and let the workers do their job.  As a precautionary measure, it would also be wise to keep small children (crawlers) off carpets until they have fully dried.

3. Learn what’s in your carpet cleaner. If you’re paying for a carpet cleaner to do work in your home, you have the right to ask what they’re bringing into your home. If you can’t read the list of chemicals their solutions use, think twice about the affects on your family.

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