March 8, 2015

Fall Tips: Keeping Your Carpets Clean When You Own a Pet

In the summer months, everyone likes to be outside. Your pet is no exception.

But when summer turns into fall, nights turn cold and snow begins to fly, all of you will want to spend more time indoors curled up by the fire.

In the summer, your lawn is kept neat and clean. In the fall, things begin to go dormant. Without cleaning up on a regular basis, your dog can track in things that weren’t there even a few weeks before. Dogs can cause havoc on your carpets – but a few tips can assist with keeping your carpets as clean as possible during the fall and winter months.

Tips to Follow

  1. Grooming your dog more may be the norm. When he runs through the leaves or rolls in … well, whatever it was – that’s the last thing you want on your carpets. Whether you hire a professional groomer and bring him in on a regular basis, attempt it yourself, or somewhere in between, a clean dog means cleaner carpets.
  2. Trim your dog’s toenails. A common problem with allowing the dog to stay inside for long periods of time is the excessive scratching on hardwood floors and deteriorating gnawing of the carpet. In order to prevent your dog’s toenails from performing too much damage, it will be necessary to remember to trim them. Whether you feel comfortable doing it yourself or having a pet groomer do it, this will be a necessary step. Once every month or two will keep the scratching at a minimum.
  3. Order pet-ready rugs for the season. Pets have their favorite areas too. They may hang by the family room glass door to watch out over the yard. They may track in snow and dirt when they head outside several times a day. Whether it is to sleep or simply to relax, he invests more than enough time in that area. Pet-ready rugs can be placed in these areas to prevent damage from occurring in those areas. These rugs add comfort for your pet as well and it will become an even more frequented spot.
  4. Wipe their paws off before coming back inside. Both kids and pets are well known for tracking dirt, mud and snow inside after playing outside. It worsens in wintertime since neither kids nor pets want to stay outside for long periods of time. Wiping your pet’s paws off before coming inside will seize the traction of dirt and debris from outside to the inside. This becomes vital especially when you purchase new carpeting.
  5. If your fluffy friends are young and still being potty trained, the best place may be a warm, safe kennel they can call their own. You can latch the door and keep them safe while you’re away, and protect your carpeting from mishaps that will invariably be a part of their days.
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Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy

There’s one thing for sure; new puppies and clean carpets simply don’t go together.

It’s no secret that potty training your puppy can be a challenge! If you’ve recently adopted a puppy and you’ve already cleaned up more bathroom accidents than you can handle, there is hope. It is possible to potty train your puppy successfully in a short amount of time. Here’s how:

Control their food and water intake. Your puppy should not have a full bowl of food all of the time. Space out meals and make sure you are giving the puppy the appropriate amount of food. Your veterinarian can help you decide when and how much the dog should eat. If your puppy drinks water, take them outside right after.

Watch for signals. By simply paying close attention and watching your puppy at all times for signals, you can successfully train him. If the puppy starts to sniff around or begins to squat, take him outside right away. You must keep your eyes on the puppy all of the time for this to be effective and for you to learn the signs that they have to go potty. Take the dog outside within ten minutes of eating or drinking. Don’t take the puppy out to play during potty time. Stand and wait for the puppy to go.

Give lots of praise. Your puppy ultimately wants to please you, so they will want to repeat the behavior that gets praise and love from you. Every time your dog goes outside, use positive words to encourage him. This will train the puppy to go potty in the spot that you want. If your puppy starts to have an accident inside, carry him outside to finish. Be sure to still praise him when ge goes in the appropriate spot.

Be repetitive. Repetition is important when teaching your puppy to go potty outside. Always go through the same door and to same part of the lawn or yard.

By following the above tips and using love and patience, you will have your puppy potty trained in no time!

And once your puppy is potty trained, give us a call and have your carpets thoroughly cleaned. They’ll be back to looking and smelling great in no time.

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Pet Urine and Carpet Damage – Why You Should Professionally Clean Right Away

If you are a pet owner and have carpets in your home, you probably know a little something about pet urine stains. When your beloved furry friend has an accident on your carpet, if it is not properly cleaned right away, it can permanently damage your carpet – not to mention leave a constant odor behind.

Pet Urine and Carpet Damage – Why You Should Professionally Clean Right AwayThe reason why pet urine is so damaging to carpets is because it is acidic. This can cause your carpet color to change. If you do not properly clean the urine immediately, the urine will turn into damaging alkaline salts.

The common reaction is to blot away the stain as quickly as possible. That is a good start. With a clean towel or rag, press gently on the stain to remove as much moisture as possible.

Yet just because the wetness is gone doesn’t mean the problem has disappeared. Pet urine settles into the fibers, makes its way down into the backing, migrates down through the padding, and eventually finds its way to the floorboards below. The quicker you stop the process, the better chance you have of it not penetrating all the way down to the floorboards. But if it sits awhile, your problem is deeper.

The best place to start is to soak up the wetness as fast as possible. Then apply a natural citrus solution and let it penetrate into the stain. Citrus is a natural cleaner and deodorizer, so if the stain is still on the surface, chances are you can eliminate the problem.

If you enter a home and smell pet urine, your problem is much bigger. Once pet urine penetrates multiple levels, all levels must be cleaned and protected.

A professional carpet cleaner will not just address the surface stain. He or she will also to down to the level where the problem has migrated to. It may mean pulling back the carpet and working with the padding. It may be pulling back the padding and/or removing it all together, and working with the floorboards. Once pet urine has penetrated these levels, the only way to bring it back to normal condition is to neutralize the odor at the source.

As you can see, unless you are a professional carpet cleaner, you simply will not remove all components of the pet urine to fully eliminate the stain. That is why you should leave pet urine stains to the professionals – and try to prevent the accidents from happening again in the future.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners

If you are the proud owner of man’s best friend, you already know that your dog may be your best friend – but he is not your carpet’s best friend. Everything from dog fur to accidents can quickly wreak havoc on your carpet. Knowing how to clean and maintain your carpet while owning a dog will ensure that your carpet stays beautiful.

The first thing you must do is vacuum your carpet. Try to vacuum at least once each day. If that is not possible, vacuum at least a few times each week. Vacuuming removes their fur, oils and dry dirt from the carpet before it can be worked into the carpet fibers.

Next, anytime your pet has an accident, clean it up as soon as possible. In the case of a solid accident, immediately remove the waste and clean the area. You can clean the area by applying spot cleaner to a towel and blotting the spot on your carpet.

In the case of liquid accidents, blot the spot with a towel using firm pressure to absorb all of the moisture. Then, apply spot cleaner to a towel and blot the area again. Professional treatment is the best way to remove urine from the carpet, padding and subflooring, but treating the area on your own will help keep the odor at bay until you can have the carpet cleaned.

The next thing you must do is utilize pet beds. Pet beds will help keep your pet’s fur, oils, dander, and dirt confined to their bed, rather than to your carpeting.

Finally, remember to have your carpets cleaned by professionals at least a few times a year. Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary tools and equipment to remove pet stains and odor from deep within the fibers and padding of your carpet, as well as removing the odors from the subflooring. Specializing in Highlands Ranch carpet cleaning, Citrus Solutions is your natural choice.

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Facts About Pet Odor and Pet Stains on Your Carpets

You love your furry friends. They are members of your family, and you probably cannot imagine your life without them. However, just like children, your “fur babies” can wreak havoc on your carpets.

When pets have accidents on your carpeting, it will not take long for your carpet to absorb the mess, as well as the odor. Before you know it, walking into your home will be an unpleasant experience due to the smell. Knowing the facts about pet odors and stains on your carpet will help you keep your carpet in the best shape.

Urine from dogs and cats attracts bacteria. The bacteria are what lead to the odor.

Urine that is not quickly and properly cleaned will not completely dry – ever. It can actually be sticky for many years.

Urine on carpeting will not only soak into the carpet, it will soak into the padding, and even the flooring underneath the padding.

Hardwood and laminate flooring are not safe from pet urine – it will soak into the wood and in-between the boards, leading to swelling and buckling.

Bleach and ammonia will not remove the odor of pet urine.

Homemade solutions, such as those with vinegar or baking soda, may help reduce the smell, but they will not eliminate the odor.

Products that break down the bacteria attracted to urine spots will help eliminate the odor. These products are enzyme-based cleaners and when used appropriately, they can get rid of the smell.

To prevent your home from succumbing to the smell of pet urine, tackle any accidents as soon as they happen. Blot up urine spots and apply an enzyme-based cleaner. Blot the spot again and allow the area to dry. If the smell is still present, treat the area again.

Replacing the affected areas of the flooring, including the subflooring, may be the only way to truly remove the odor when all else fails.

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How To Remove Pet Hair From Carpets

We all love our furry friends.  Whether they are loyal, snobbish, loving, or cranky; our pets do a great deal to enrich our lives.

Unfortunately, they also do a great deal to “enrich” our carpets.  Everything from sunbathing to simply shaking off the dust of the day can lodge a huge amount of hair in the carpet.  And, unless you have one of those monster vacuums intended for pet households, you are probably going to need a way to remove that hair from the carpet.  Here are a few simple remedies that should help.

The sponge mop method - You will need a new, dedicated-only-to-this-task kitchen sponge mop.  First, thoroughly vacuum the floor.  Then use a spray bottle to lightly spray the mop with water.  Gently run the damp mop across the carpet.  If you do it right, the hairs should clump, making them easier to pick up by hand or with a vacuum.

The fabric softener method -  In a spray bottle, combine one part fabric softener with three parts water.  Lightly spray the floors with the mixture (you don’t want to soak the floor, just wet it).  Let it dry, then vacuum as normal.  The fabric softener should loosen the hold between the fur and the carpet fibers.

The baking soda method - Sprinkle the floor with baking soda (like you would if you were just deodorizing the carpets).  Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then vacuum as normal.

Additional, more time consuming methods include:

Rubbing a balloon across the floor (let your kids help with this one, they will be working and having fun all at the same time).

Wearing rubber gloves and wiping your hands across the floor (very time consuming process).

Use a large squeegee (Be prepared with a camera, as Americas Funniest Home Videos might like the footage).

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Is Carpet Cleaning A Health Risk For Pets?

Pets can wreak havoc on your carpets.  Between tracking stuff in (dirt, mud, and other bits of nature) and shedding hair and dander, pets cause constant wear and tear on household flooring.  So, when it comes time to clean up the mess, what recourse do you have?  Is carpet cleaning a pet friendly process, or will the process be as bad for your pets as they are for the carpet?

Thankfully, carpet cleaning methods today can be pet approved.  By choosing a natural carpet cleaning company, you’ll have access to solutions that are “green”, “eco-friendly”, or “chemical free.”  Whether you are looking to clean a small area or the whole house, here are a few steps to take to protect your furry friends.

Always check labels – Looking for a spot solution? Research any cleaner that you are considering for personal, in-home use before you use it.  A quick Google search will generally show you whether or not a product is safe for use around pets.  When in doubt, move on to a different product. An by choosing CitruSolution, you’ll receive a free bottle of spot remover, perfect for those little messes between cleanings.

Find a reputable cleaning company – Had your carpets cleaned in the past by other companies? Check the company credentials.  Most companies are willing to provide a list of products they use upon request.  This list should include information on the pet safety of their products.

Keep pets from undiluted cleaning products - Just as you are supposed to avoid personal contact with chemicals, you should avoid pet contact with these products too.  If your pet does come in contact with these products, wash the area thoroughly with water.

Keep pets out of the house during the cleaning process - Some pets might have a sensitivity to the fumes.  So, if possible, it is best to keep pets out of the house during the cleaning process.  Birds in particular can be sensitive to airborne toxins, so special care should be taken with feathered friends.

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4 Ways To Dog Proof Your Carpets Between Cleanings

Dogs are an important part of our lives here in Colorado. Not only do we think of them as family members, we also take them wherever we go. Whether for walks around the neighborhood, or hikes through the Rocky Mountains, they love being by our side.

Yet the more we bring them with us when we head outside, the more they bring the outside back into our homes. They can’t take off their shoes or boots at the door. What comes into your home with them ultimately ends up on your carpets.

And the more they bring in, the quicker it affects the look and feel of your carpets.

Cleaning is mandatory with a dog. Yet there are ways to make sure your carpets stay in the best shape possible between those cleanings. [Read more…]

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