November 28, 2013

Fall Tips: Keeping Your Carpets Clean When You Own a Pet

In the summer months, everyone likes to be outside. Your pet is no exception.

But when summer turns into fall, nights turn cold and snow begins to fly, all of you will want to spend more time indoors curled up by the fire.

In the summer, your lawn is kept neat and clean. In the fall, things begin to go dormant. Without cleaning up on a regular basis, your dog can track in things that weren’t there even a few weeks before. Dogs can cause havoc on your carpets – but a few tips can assist with keeping your carpets as clean as possible during the fall and winter months.

Tips to Follow

  1. Grooming your dog more may be the norm. When he runs through the leaves or rolls in … well, whatever it was – that’s the last thing you want on your carpets. Whether you hire a professional groomer and bring him in on a regular basis, attempt it yourself, or somewhere in between, a clean dog means cleaner carpets.
  2. Trim your dog’s toenails. A common problem with allowing the dog to stay inside for long periods of time is the excessive scratching on hardwood floors and deteriorating gnawing of the carpet. In order to prevent your dog’s toenails from performing too much damage, it will be necessary to remember to trim them. Whether you feel comfortable doing it yourself or having a pet groomer do it, this will be a necessary step. Once every month or two will keep the scratching at a minimum.
  3. Order pet-ready rugs for the season. Pets have their favorite areas too. They may hang by the family room glass door to watch out over the yard. They may track in snow and dirt when they head outside several times a day. Whether it is to sleep or simply to relax, he invests more than enough time in that area. Pet-ready rugs can be placed in these areas to prevent damage from occurring in those areas. These rugs add comfort for your pet as well and it will become an even more frequented spot.
  4. Wipe their paws off before coming back inside. Both kids and pets are well known for tracking dirt, mud and snow inside after playing outside. It worsens in wintertime since neither kids nor pets want to stay outside for long periods of time. Wiping your pet’s paws off before coming inside will seize the traction of dirt and debris from outside to the inside. This becomes vital especially when you purchase new carpeting.
  5. If your fluffy friends are young and still being potty trained, the best place may be a warm, safe kennel they can call their own. You can latch the door and keep them safe while you’re away, and protect your carpeting from mishaps that will invariably be a part of their days.

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