March 8, 2015

Make Carpet Cleaning The Top Of Your New Years Resolution List

Every year we approach the New Year in much the same way.

Make a list of all the resolutions we have every intention of putting into play.

Crumpling up the list within a week because of lack of follow through.

Make this year different. Instead of putting the same old to-do’s on your list that you know you’ll never complete, do something that’s easy AND great for your home and lifestyle. At the top of your list, add “professionally clean my carpets”. Here’s why.

After all the traffic your carpets have seen in the last year, especially over the holidays when you have more traffic than usual, a thorough clean can not only make your carpets cleaner, it can also improve your heath. (And that can also be a boost if “get healthier” also made your resolution list.)

Your carpeting takes a lot of abuse. Dirt from shoes, crumbs from holiday meals, dander from pets, dust from everyday living, and a whole lot more settles onto your carpeting. By walking on it, it pushes it deeper into the fibers. While vacuuming removes some of it, the rest continues to leave deep in the fibers.

This is where problems begin.

If you have a natural tendency for allergies, this can feed the problem. If you have stronger medical issues – asthma or other respiratory problems – it can not only trigger attacks, it can add to your condition, making it worse over time.

Many people realize this, so they turn to professional carpet cleaning. But even that alone isn’t always the solution.

If you do have allergies or other health issues, introducing harsh chemicals into your environment can add to the problem. Which is why more and more, people are turning to natural carpet cleaning.

Natural carpet cleaning uses natural carpet solutions made from citrus – not harsh chemicals you have no idea how to say. No sticky residue, and it will never take days to dry (leaving the potential for bad bacteria to fester and grow).

Plus with a clean, citrusy smell, you’ll be extra motivated to start the New Year out right. And even keep some of those other resolutions on your list.

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