December 4, 2013

How Toxic Are Your Carpets?

When you walk across your carpeting or sit on the floor to play with your children, you do not think about the possible toxicity of your carpeting. After all, you vacuum it on a regular basis and have it steam cleaned several times each year.

Your carpeting looks clean and smells clean, so it must be clean, right?

The truth is that your carpeting may look and smell clean – and it probably is clean – but that does not mean that it is safe. Carpeting actually contains many toxins that are potentially harmful to you and your family.

Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, are found in various types of products, the most common being paint. You have probably heard of VOCs, and you take care every time you purchase paint to make sure and buy paint that is low in VOCs.

However, VOCs are also found in carpeting. That new carpet smell that you enjoy so much – that comes from the toxic VOCs in your carpeting.

Carpeting contains many VOCs, including acetone, benzene, and even formaldehyde. The various VOCs provide a particular function, such as helping your carpet be stain-resistant or flame-retardant. However, these VOCs can wreak havoc on your health and the health of your family.

Older carpets are just as toxic as new carpets because they may contain VOCs that have since been banned. Older carpeting also contains a higher level of dust mites and other allergens simply because of its age. Even thorough vacuuming is not capable of removing years and years of accumulation of dust mites and allergens from your carpeting.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remove all of your carpeting in order to keep your family healthy. If you’re investing in new carpets, talk with your reputable carpet dealer about laying carpets with low VOCs, and carpeting that is eco-friendly. They will be able to make suggestions on the best carpets for you.

For carpeting already installed that you aren’t ready to change, invest in a high quality HEPA vacuum to help remove the dust mites, allergens, and VOCs from your carpeting.

Have your carpets cleaned on a regular schedule, and avoid wearing shoes on the carpeting. Don’t rely on a carpet cleaner that introduces more harmful chemicals into your home; instead, ask about natural carpet care, and make sure they use natural products that won’t further damage your family’s health.

Every little effort you make to protect your family will help keep them safe.

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