November 6, 2013

Make Sure Your Professional Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Dangerous For Your Kids

If you have carpeting in your home, you know how important it is to properly maintain the carpeting. You want your carpeting to look good, to be clean and fresh at all times. You probably already do all that you can to ensure your carpet always looks its best.

You vacuum regularly, clean spills immediately, and try to avoid tracking dirt and grime into your home by using rugs. However, no matter how much maintenance you do, there comes a time when every home’s carpet needs professionally cleaned.

When having your carpet cleaned, make sure that the cleaning process does not pose a risk for your kids.

Many carpet cleaning professionals use a variety of potentially toxic chemicals when cleaning your carpet. These chemicals may do a fine job of removing dirt and grime from your carpeting – but they can also become trapped in the fibers of your carpeting.

The last thing you want is for your children to be exposed to toxic chemicals and fumes while playing on a freshly cleaned carpet. To avoid this problem, you need to ensure that your carpet cleaning professional uses environmentally friendly cleaners.

Just because a professional claims to use a “green” cleaning process does not make it true. Do your research when choosing a carpet cleaner to ensure that they do use only “green” products.

Ask pertinent questions before you hire a carpet cleaner. Find out exactly which products they use for cleaning, then research the products to make sure they are non-toxic. Discuss the cleaning process thoroughly. Do not be afraid to ask for references before hiring a carpet cleaner – then, check those references.

You can never be too cautious when it comes to the health and safety of your little ones.

How Often Should You Clean Commercial Carpets?

Carpet cleaning is one of the necessities that should be done in stages. Ongoing maintenance on your carpet is necessary and certain precautions should be taken, both on residential and commercial carpets. The one problem that many homeowners and business owners have is their carpet and many of the diseases that linger throughout the world occur within homes and businesses. Visible soiling insinuates that it is time for your carpet to withstand a complete overhaul.

Cleaning Times

How often you should clean your commercial carpet varies according to what type of facility you are running. As a general rule, vacuuming should occur daily for high traffic areas, or every other day in lower traffic situations. When your facility closes for the night, it will generally be the best time to vacuum to avoid more more dirt traction from people entering and leaving.

Moreover, it will be more convenient to get the job finished without much hassle or noise throughout the office or business.

Professionally cleaning your carpet is more complex and takes more time. Due to this, professionals are recommended to clean the carpet since they have the proper tools to invest in the project. Cleaning should occur every 4 to 6 months if:

  • Winter salting is placed on walkways and parking lots nearby.
  • Car exhausts and factories leave behind residual oil;
  • Traction of dirt and grit are present on the carpet often;
  • Sand traction is present on the carpet;
  • Chemicals are used on business land for grass and plants.

However, areas that incur more foot traffic require cleaning every 2 to 3 months and include:

  • Restaurants;
  • Daycare facilities;
  • Retail stores;
  • Nursing homes;
  • Medical facilities.

Generally, these facilities incur more foot traffic and mean that your carpet will encounter a number of unknown germs and debris.

Tips for Avoiding Carpet Soiling

Soiling on your carpets can be avoided if you follow certain rules such as:

  • Placing several protective floor mats in front of every entrance;
  • Removing carpet and placing hardwood floor in the “Lobby” area of a facility;
  • Placing floor mats in front of elevators and escalators;
  • Using heavy-duty rubber mats in kitchen areas where food is being prepared.

Following these tips will ensure the longevity of your carpet and can prevent additional cleanings from having to be done. While a daunting task, it can be a necessary task to have your carpets cleaned more often based on the needs of your carpet. So investigate carefully and make a mindful decision to ensure your carpets are cleaned.

Keep Your Carpet Warranty Valid With Professional Carpet Cleaning

Who doesn’t love the words “Lifetime warranty”?  We all want the extra security that comes from knowing our investment is secure, whether that investment is a monetary one or a long lasting purchase.  When it comes to carpeting, we definitely like the idea of a lifetime warranty.  After all, carpeting is a pricey investment, and we want our investment to be protected.

But did you know that your carpeting warranty probably comes with strings attached?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  When we find that perfect carpet, we tend to take the terms of its warranty for granted.  It has a warranty, why investigate further?  Yet if you don’t fully understand your warranty, you could easily null and void it in the first few weeks of use.

So, be proactive.  Protect your own investment.  When shopping for carpet, look at the color, style and quality. Then ask about the warranty and what it takes to keep it valid.

The basics - Most carpet warranties require three things: vacuuming, spot removal, and professional cleaning.  Vacuuming is one of the best things you can do for the life and looks of your carpet vacuuming once or twice a week will remove surface soils, preventing them from working their way deeper into the fibers and creating a more stubborn soiling.

The middle - The next thing most warranties require is for you to keep on top of stain removal.  Warranties (especially stain related ones) can be voided if the stains were not dealt with in what the manufacturer deems a proper fashion.

The big one - Of course, the key element to maintaining a carpet warranty is also the most expensive of the three.  Many carpet warranties require professional cleaning as a part of their terms.  Some warranties even stipulate a cleaning schedule (the carpets should be professionally cleaned every X-number of months).  The best thing you can do to protect yourself (and your carpets warranty) is to read it.  If you know what is required, you will better be able to maintain a valid warranty on your carpeting.