July 19, 2013

Top Concern For Cleaning Your Carpets? Child Safety Of Course

Top Concern For Cleaning Your Carpets? Child Safety Of Course

Remember when you moved into your new home? Your light carpets were your dream. Light, creamy color. Thick texture. You loved kicking your heels off and walking around.

Then things changed. You added a husband, and now a baby. Though you still love your carpet, things have changed.

Once upon a time, the only thing you had to worry about was the red wine stain in the family room, and the fire engine red fingernail polish stain in the bedroom.

But ever since your little one arrived, you’ve noticed things popping up all over the place. You’ve tried vacuuming more than once a week. But its still looking anything but bright and clean.

Carpet is still one of the best choices in flooring when you have small children. After all, they are on the floor all day with their head and face inches above the fibers. When they fall, its soft. When they roll over, they keep rolling without noticing. You can’t do that with hardwoods.

Yet what about cleaning products? Do you really want to apply industrial strength carpet cleaning solutions to something your child will lay on, put their mouth and nose near, spill Cheerios on and pick them up and eat them?

If you’ve never thought about what goes on your carpets before, now is the time. Grab the bottle of cleaning fluid you used last and take a look at the ingredients. Do you know what each of those are? Can you even pronounce them? Do you know how they will effect you and your family?

Scary, isn’t it.

Maybe now is the time to stop using those chemicals and start finding solutions that are better and safer, not just for your carpets but also for your family’s health.

By using a natural carpet cleaner made from citrus (a natural cleaner and deodorizer), you’ll be comfortable placing your baby down on your carpets almost immediately after cleaning. Yes, because we don’t use the standard cleaning methods, are carpets don’t get that sticky residue, or have hours worth of dry time from overly soaked carpeting.

And by using our services, we’ll even leave a bottle of spot cleaner, perfect for any mess your little one may leave behind.

Call today – it’s a perfect time to introduce your home to a whole new kind of clean.

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