March 8, 2015

VOC Off Gassing – Is Your Carpet Cleaner To Blame?

You know that smell that is supposed to signify when something is new or clean? The new car smell. The smell of freshly cleaned carpets. We breathe it in, taking pride in the fact we have something in great condition, right?

Well, it may be time to rethink that line of thinking. In fact, that smell you may have enjoyed in the past may be something that is doing you more harm then good.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are found in pretty much everywhere. You’ll find it in your new car. You’ll find it throughout your new home. You’ll find it in your paints. You’ll find it in all of your cleaning supplies.

VOCs affect indoor air quality, and are one of the sole pollutants that we have no standard labeling system for, and therefore gets very little attention. Until its too late. Once you start having health problems and discover VOCs may be the culprit, in many ways its too late.

VOC off gassing occurs from the time of installation forward. It’s the process of the harmful chemicals being released into the air. And while its hard to measure every pollutant in existence, certain chemicals do have more results available to show you truly how harmful it can be. For instance, formaldehyde, one of the most common chemicals in a variety of household items, has been recorded as providing steady high levels of emissions into the air for the first few months after production and installation.

How does this impact you when it comes to carpet cleaning? You know that smell you may have thought signified “clean” after a harsh chemical cleaning? It may not be so “clean” after all.

When we discovered the facts, our focus was to find a quality professional carpet cleaning company that didn’t release harmful VOCs into our clients’ indoor air. If we didn’t want it in our own homes, why would we want to use it in yours?

Citrus is a natural cleaner. That’s what we like about it. And we’re sure you will too.

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