December 23, 2013

Why Highlands Ranch Homeowners Choose Natural Carpet Cleaning?

If you are searching for a carpet cleaning company here in Highlands Ranch Colorado, you have a lot of choices. Simply opening up one of the many coupon envelopes you receive in the mail each month will put a dozen or more at your fingertips. How do you choose? Who do you trust?

Natural Carpet Cleaning

Chances are when you bring something in to your home, you think twice about its impact. We’ve eliminated harmful plastics from our water bottles and food dishes – who wants BPA? We’re questioning harmful chemicals in the soaps we use every day for our dishes and washing our hands – is anti-bacterial really a good choice? With so much to think about and so many choices to make, its only natural that we would eventually start questioning something like our carpet cleaning service as well.

With a natural carpet cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your floors – and eventually into your air. Studies continually find that the air in our homes is many times more dangerous than the air outside. After all, we trap it in the winter with heat, and in the summer with air conditioning. With most of the environment sealed off from the outside, its no wonder harmful chemicals can stay put for a long time.

Natural carpet cleaning means no harmful chemicals. Natural carpet cleaning means no harmful soaps, detergents or solvents. Instead, it means relying on things commonly found in nature – like citrus! Citrus has always been a fantastic cleaner, which means its also the perfect solution for your carpets too.

Pet Friendly

While its easy to know why we want safe products in our home, its also easy to overlook the details. As an adult, the carpet is a long way below our train of thoughts. But to a pet – a small dog or cat – they are literally a few inches away from the carpet 24 hours of the day. They walk on it, sleep on it, roll on it, even bring their treats on it and eat from the very thing that may be harming them the most.

Kid Friendly

And depending on the ages of your children, life for them is always down on the floor. They lay on it to do their homework or play a game. They wrestle on it. They have slumber parties on it with their friends.

While its easy to say “carpet cleaning, once its dry its okay”, the question comes back “is it really?”

The chemicals are still there hiding in the fibers.

Highlands Ranch Carpet Cleaner

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