December 2, 2013

Why You Should Clean Your Carpets Before You Move In

Just bought a new home? You might think that the empty space will be clean, but in fact the opposite may be true.

Imagine what the old owners did as they moved out. They had boxes everywhere, piling their personal assets inside. They pulled out stuff from the back of their closets – dust flew everywhere. They cleaned out their cabinets – crumbs, dirt and other residuals made their way from hibernation to your new flooring.

Whether the boxes were new or used, they sat on your carpets for extended periods of time.

Then came time for the move. More people than normal – including professional movers with work boots – came in and out of your home, tracking a little of everything everywhere.

Finally when everything was gone, they ran the vacuum over the carpets one last time to give it the appearance of a clean home.

But what is truly lurking inside those fibers?

Or maybe you’re moving into a new home. Its new – new home equals new carpets.

Technically, yes. But again. How many workers were in your home completing last minute tasks? How many tracked in dirt and debris at the last minute? How many things now exist in your carpeting from all the traffic over the last few days and weeks?

A new home means a fresh start, so why not have clean, fresh carpets waiting for your move-in?

No matter how new or old your home is in age, its new to you. Taking the time to clean your carpet ensures a fresh-smelling, clean house for you and your family, and it is also good for your overall health as well. A healthy and clean environment means happier homeowners!

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